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“Bring Back The Brightness” Cataract Surgery Campaign

Aug 25, 2023
“Bring Back The Brightness” Cataract Surgery Campaign
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Kek Lok Si Charitable Hospital (KLSCH) and Guang Ming Daily’s Guang Ming Charity Fund launched the “Bring Back The Brightness” Cataract Surgery Campaign.


KLSCH is glad to receive RM100,000.00 donation from Guang Ming Charity Fund as the medical and surgical fees for 50 patients who need cataract operation.


Patients who are diagnosed or suffering from cataract are welcomed to apply for the fund by filling up the application form and send it back to KLSCH. Applicant must be a Malaysian with monthly income of not more than RM2,000.00 or OKU, resident from non-for -profit old folks or handicapped homes, or individual who is receiving monthly welfare aid from the authority.


Successful applicants will be scheduled for outpatient examination and scheduled for cataract operation in KLSCH commencing mid-September 2023 (if cataract operation is indicated).

Please click the link below to download the application form:


For more information, please contact Ms Goh at 012-4543113 or email: chgoh@klsch.my 
You can also reach Kek Lok Si Charitable Hospital at 04-2999333.


Cancer Awareness Campaign 2.0

Jun 21, 2023
Cancer Awareness Campaign 2.0
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Kek Lok Si Charitable Hospital has launched Cancer Awareness Campaign 2.0.

This time our screening project focus on two common cancers, which are Nasopharyngeal Cancer and Colorectal Cancer.

We believe that prevention and early detection are key to saving lives, and our screening project plays a vital role in achieving this.

So don't miss out on this opportunity to prioritize your health. Join us in the fight against cancer and let's work together to ensure a healthier future.


MyStroke Hospital, MyStroke patient

Nov 21, 2022
MyStroke Hospital, MyStroke patient
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本院一名脑中风病人在One Hope Charity & Welfare - 大山脚瑶池金母慈善基金会协助下筹得医疗费,已成功进行机械性血栓术(Mechanical Thrombectomy),目前正逐渐康复中。63岁的李先生为一名罗里司机,本身患有高血压,据李先生女儿转述,父亲从上周开始行为举止变得异常,说话无语伦次、无法站立和走路,她怀疑父亲中风,于是在本月11日把父亲从霹雳巴里文打送入本院急诊室。经过CT脑部检查及专科医生诊断后,证实李先生患脑血管阻塞中风,需要紧急进行机械性血栓术,惟这项治疗所需費用不菲。李先生家境清寒,无法负担一笔医疗费。本院联络了大山脚瑶池金母慈善基金会,并获得该会为李先生助筹所需医疗费。李先生在完成机械性血栓术,成功清除脑积血。他在本院留院观察数日后,情况稳定,已出院回家休养。本院于今年9月加入MyStroke Hospital提供急性脑中风医疗服务以来,已接收了多名中风病人,李先生是第一位在本院协调下,获得大山脚瑶池金母慈善基金会援助,并成功完成机械性血栓术的病患。在此感谢大山脚瑶池金母慈善基金会给予李先生的帮忙,也祝愿李先生康复越来越好。
Our hospital stroke patient, get help from One Hope Charity & Welfare with fundraising for mechanical thrombectomy. This patient is now recovering gradually. Mr. Lee, a 63-year-old lorry driver, suffers from high blood pressure. According to Mr. Lee’s daughter, she noticed that her father was behaving strangely since last week, his speech was slurred, couldn't stand and walk. The family quickly sent him to our hospital, from Parit Buntar, Perak. After a brain CT scan and the doctor's diagnosis, confirmed he had a cerebral vascular blockage. He urgently needed a mechanical thrombectomy. But Mr. Lee cannot afford high medical fees. Our hospital approached One Hope Charity & Welfare, and get them help for Mr. Lee. After a mechanical thrombectomy procedure, the blood clot in his brain has successful removal. After several days of observation in our hospital, Mr. Lee was turned to stable condition and has been discharged from the hospital. Since our hospital joined MyStroke Hospital to provide acute stroke services in September, Mr. Lee is the first stroke patient who gets help from One Hope Charity & Welfare with fundraising. It’s very grateful to One Hope Charity & Welfare. We wish Mr. Lee gets better to recover.

KLSCH Team home visit to Peace & Harmony Home

Nov 7, 2022
KLSCH Team home visit to Peace & Harmony Home
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It’s a very special and meaningful day, our KLSCH team visited the Peace and Harmony Home, on 6th November 2022.
Our medical team includes doctors, nurses, pharmacists and physiotherapists, total of 40 people participated.
Peace and Harmony Home cares for 36 residents, with a host of illnesses among them, hence regular health screening is important for them.
On this visit, our doctor conducts a medical assessment for the residents, and a physiotherapist leads the resident in physiotherapy, pharmacist assists with medication arrangements.
We are glad to be able to use our medical expertise to help those in need.
We will continue outreach to groups of underprivileged people, spread our love and care for the community.

Launching of Cancer Screening Fund

Oct 26, 2022
Launching of Cancer Screening Fund
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Speech from Ven Jit Heng

A few months ago, KLSCH just celebrated its first anniversary. At the same time, the Hospital also embarked on working very closely with National Cancer Society Malaysia (NCSM) in the areas of public education and awareness, screening and diagnosis of cancer among the public.

Many people always think that cancer is an incurable disease. Actually, this is not absolutely true.
Many a time, whenever a person presented with the symptoms that are suggestive of underlying cancer, and is unfortunately confirmed as cancer after undergoing immediate screening and diagnostic tests, the disease is curable if treatment is initiated at the very early stage.
However, most people often have to fight with phobia and denial of the possibility of having cancer, aggravated by the fact of financial constraints, they may delay the screening procedures and tests. Hence, they miss the opportunity of treating the disease at an early stage.
The vision of KLSCH is to provide quality and yet affordable tertiary medical care to the public especially those who are from the middle and lower income groups. Under the spirit of compassion, we are working diligently to bring hope and care to our patients and their family members.
We are working hard by leveraging the resources, professional knowledge and services as well as experience to materialise the formation of this cancer screening fund.
We are blessed to have the support from Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Lim Gait Tong who has pledged to donate RM100,000.00 to this Fund. I am sure that the good deed from Tan Sri Lim will benefit the public who are financially challenged and at the same time facing the possibility of suffering from cancer.
The CEO of KLSCH Dr. Thor reported that various departments in KLSCH is now ready to handle the application from public for this Fund from today onwards.
Meanwhile, KLSCH is planning for its expansion project. This is to inform you that oncology related treatment will be an area and discipline that we will pursue further.
I would like to thank the members of the press and media for coming to our hospital and events very often of late to cover the programmes and activities in the interest of the public.
We will continue to serve the public by embracing the core values of compassionate, committed and caring.


Kek Lok Si Blood Donation Campaign

Oct 26, 2022
Kek Lok Si Blood Donation Campaign
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On 8/10/2022, the blood donation campaign organised by our hospital and YMM Penang was successfully completed!
This campaign received enthusiastic responses from all ethnic groups, 61 units of blood were collected during the four-hour campaign to provide Penang General Hospital.
This is the first blood donation campaign since our hospital was in operation, we are grateful to every person involved in this campaign, including our KLSCH staff, volunteers from YMM Penang, nurses and staff from Penang General Hospital.
Thank you to all blood donors. We appreciate your dedication in donating blood for saving lives!
非常感谢所有捐献爱心及宝贵血液的人士,谢谢与本院联合筹办今次捐血活动的青运槟州分会(YMM Penang)的志工、槟城中央医院的医护人员以及本院的工作人员。

Announcement of recent Management Team

Oct 3, 2022
Announcement of recent Management Team
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We would like to announce the recent streamlining and promotions for our management team as below:
Medical Superintendent (MS): Dato’ Dr Teng Hock Nan
Chief Executive Officer (CEO): Dr Thor Teong Gee
Person-in-Charge (PIC) : Dr Ruth Ng
Director of Nursing (DON): Ms Quah Hsi Ching
Chief Operating Officer (COO): Ms Constance Yeap Ai Khim
Chief Financial Officer (CFO): Ms Janice Chow Kuan Wei

The management team group photo
Front row from left: Ruth Ng, Teng Hock Nan, Thor Teong Gee
Back row from left: Janice Chow, Quah Hsi Ching, Constance Yeap
首席执行员 :涂仲仪医生 
医院负责人 :吴如德医生
护理总监 :柯诗晴女士

KLSCH launching of MyStroke Hospital

Sep 30, 2022
KLSCH launching of MyStroke Hospital
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KLSCH is going another milestone by joining the MyStroke Hospital networking. This particular advanced treatment for acute ischemic stroke is very specific and invlove various specialities. It involves a very costly medication that is used to lyse the blood clots and if necessary certain suitable cases may need further intervention that demands highly qualified specialists and skill to remove the blood clot. Tertiary medical care that involves modern technology and medication is almost very costly especially those involve lifesaving procedures and treatment. We are pleased that One Hope Charity and Welfare which is very well established and reputable NGO is committed to offer the financial aid to those who are medically indicated but facing financial constrains. Offering quality and affordable tertiary medical service to public from middle to lower income groups is the noble vision of our hospital.

Ambulance Service

Sep 17, 2022
Ambulance Service
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Commnecing 12 September 2022, our hospital A&E Department staffs will actively participate in the 999 ambulance networking services with Hospital Pulau Pinang for Penang Island. Our ambulance will be seen on the road more frequently as we provide such services to community.

MOU Signing Ceremony with AIMST University

Sep 14, 2022
MOU Signing Ceremony with AIMST University
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Kek Lok Si Charitable Hospital has a great opportunity collabrate with AIMST University especially in the areas of healthcare, education, training and research. The MOU shows our commitment in sharing resources in the community to accomplish the missions of our organition. With this MOU, the medical students from AIMST University can look into having their clinical and elective postings in our hospital. The consultant specialists from our hospital will be appointed as the adjunct lecturers of AIMST. Likewise, the clinicians from AIMST will be invited as visiting consultants in our hospital. Our Hospital will be sending nursing students to AIMST to pursue DIploma in Nursing course and existing nurses for post basic training.

The 130th Anniversary Celebration & The Grand Opening Ceremony of Kek Lok Si Charitable Hospital

Jun 7, 2022
The 130th Anniversary Celebration & The Grand Opening Ceremony of Kek Lok Si Charitable Hospital
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Having gone through three Ministers of Health, the Kek Lok Si Charitable Hospital was finally launched officially!

The Hospital is the first Buddhist hospital in Malaysia, fully funded by the Kek Lok Si Foundation. It was set up and completed after ten years of hard work.

The Hospital started its operations on July 18, 2021 and was officially opened on December 22, 2021. It is a non-profit private hospital open to all Malaysian citizens regardless of race and religion.

Venerable Jit Heng the Board Chairman of the Hospital, thanked the three Ministers of Health, namely Tan Sri Liow Tiong Lai, Dato' Seri Dr. Subramaniam and the current Minister Tuan Khairy Jamaluddin for their assistance and approval given to the charitable hospital, which aims to alleviate the financial burden of more patients seeking healthcare treatment.

Among those who were present at the opening ceremony were Hospital Director and Chairman of the Celebration Committee, Dato' Seri Ooi Teik Heng, Penang Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow, Deputy Minister of Health Dato' Azmi, former Minister of Health Tan Sri Liow Tiong Lai, representative of former Minister of Health Dato' Seri Subramaniam, Dato' Siva, Chinese Consul General in Penang Lu Shih Wei, Member of Parliament for Bukit Bendera Wong Hon Wai, Penang Executive Councillor Chong Eng, Air Itam State Assemblyman Joseph Ng, and the President of the Malaysian Buddhist Association, Venerable Jicheng of the Malaysian Buddhist Association and Hospital Medical Superintendent Dato' Dr. Teng Hock Nan.

医院新任总营运长 New Chief Operating Officer on board

May 18, 2022





The Board of Directors of Kek Lok Si Charitable announced the new coming Chief Operating Officer Dr Thor Teong Gee.

Dr Thor came on board on 1 Nov 2021 to fill up the vacancy left by previous COO Mr Lai Yeu Kong who earlier terminated the contract due to his personal health reason.

Dr Thor Teong Gee, who is born in Penang obtained his MD from USM in 1996. He subsequently pursed his postgraduate studies and received Postgraduate Diploma in Family Medicine and Commonwealth Executive of Master Public Administration in 2012 and 2014 respectively.

After graduation, Dr Thor served in various health facilities under MOH before starting his general practise in Penang and then appointed as a senior lecturer in Monash University Malaysia before joining KLSCH.

Dr Thor is actively involved in community medical and welfare services with some NGOs.

We Are Going To Start Operation On 18 July 2021

Jul 5, 2021
We Are Going To Start Operation On 18 July 2021
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KEK LOK SI CHARITABLE HOSPITAL (KLSCH) is fully funded and managed by Yayasan Kek Lok Si (Co. No. 201601005357 (1176283-H)).

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