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Launching of Cancer Screening Fund

26 Oct 2022
Launching of Cancer Screening Fund
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Speech from Ven Jit Heng

A few months ago, KLSCH just celebrated its first anniversary. At the same time, the Hospital also embarked on working very closely with National Cancer Society Malaysia (NCSM) in the areas of public education and awareness, screening and diagnosis of cancer among the public.

Many people always think that cancer is an incurable disease. Actually, this is not absolutely true.
Many a time, whenever a person presented with the symptoms that are suggestive of underlying cancer, and is unfortunately confirmed as cancer after undergoing immediate screening and diagnostic tests, the disease is curable if treatment is initiated at the very early stage.
However, most people often have to fight with phobia and denial of the possibility of having cancer, aggravated by the fact of financial constraints, they may delay the screening procedures and tests. Hence, they miss the opportunity of treating the disease at an early stage.
The vision of KLSCH is to provide quality and yet affordable tertiary medical care to the public especially those who are from the middle and lower income groups. Under the spirit of compassion, we are working diligently to bring hope and care to our patients and their family members.
We are working hard by leveraging the resources, professional knowledge and services as well as experience to materialise the formation of this cancer screening fund.
We are blessed to have the support from Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Lim Gait Tong who has pledged to donate RM100,000.00 to this Fund. I am sure that the good deed from Tan Sri Lim will benefit the public who are financially challenged and at the same time facing the possibility of suffering from cancer.
The CEO of KLSCH Dr. Thor reported that various departments in KLSCH is now ready to handle the application from public for this Fund from today onwards.
Meanwhile, KLSCH is planning for its expansion project. This is to inform you that oncology related treatment will be an area and discipline that we will pursue further.
I would like to thank the members of the press and media for coming to our hospital and events very often of late to cover the programmes and activities in the interest of the public.
We will continue to serve the public by embracing the core values of compassionate, committed and caring.


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