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MyStroke Hospital, MyStroke patient

21 Nov 2022
MyStroke Hospital, MyStroke patient
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本院一名脑中风病人在One Hope Charity & Welfare - 大山脚瑶池金母慈善基金会协助下筹得医疗费,已成功进行机械性血栓术(Mechanical Thrombectomy),目前正逐渐康复中。63岁的李先生为一名罗里司机,本身患有高血压,据李先生女儿转述,父亲从上周开始行为举止变得异常,说话无语伦次、无法站立和走路,她怀疑父亲中风,于是在本月11日把父亲从霹雳巴里文打送入本院急诊室。经过CT脑部检查及专科医生诊断后,证实李先生患脑血管阻塞中风,需要紧急进行机械性血栓术,惟这项治疗所需費用不菲。李先生家境清寒,无法负担一笔医疗费。本院联络了大山脚瑶池金母慈善基金会,并获得该会为李先生助筹所需医疗费。李先生在完成机械性血栓术,成功清除脑积血。他在本院留院观察数日后,情况稳定,已出院回家休养。本院于今年9月加入MyStroke Hospital提供急性脑中风医疗服务以来,已接收了多名中风病人,李先生是第一位在本院协调下,获得大山脚瑶池金母慈善基金会援助,并成功完成机械性血栓术的病患。在此感谢大山脚瑶池金母慈善基金会给予李先生的帮忙,也祝愿李先生康复越来越好。
Our hospital stroke patient, get help from One Hope Charity & Welfare with fundraising for mechanical thrombectomy. This patient is now recovering gradually. Mr. Lee, a 63-year-old lorry driver, suffers from high blood pressure. According to Mr. Lee’s daughter, she noticed that her father was behaving strangely since last week, his speech was slurred, couldn't stand and walk. The family quickly sent him to our hospital, from Parit Buntar, Perak. After a brain CT scan and the doctor's diagnosis, confirmed he had a cerebral vascular blockage. He urgently needed a mechanical thrombectomy. But Mr. Lee cannot afford high medical fees. Our hospital approached One Hope Charity & Welfare, and get them help for Mr. Lee. After a mechanical thrombectomy procedure, the blood clot in his brain has successful removal. After several days of observation in our hospital, Mr. Lee was turned to stable condition and has been discharged from the hospital. Since our hospital joined MyStroke Hospital to provide acute stroke services in September, Mr. Lee is the first stroke patient who gets help from One Hope Charity & Welfare with fundraising. It’s very grateful to One Hope Charity & Welfare. We wish Mr. Lee gets better to recover.

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